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Reflexions d’Alma Masic sobre què va significar Ciutats Defensores dels Drets Humans per a ella

Publiquem unes reflexions d’Alma Masic, defensora participant a Ciutats Defensores dels Drets Humans 2013:  

When you are an activist or engaged in any way with civil society, movements, NGO’s, particularly in the post-conflict and fragile countries, quite often you find yourself thinking that everything you are doing is useless, has no point, you cannot go alone against the system or true issues in problems in your community/contry. You find yourself, pretty alone, misunderstood by your family and friends. In worst cases, your life is under threath, your loved ones in danger and the questions you raised are even more difficult.

You question if your engagement is worth risking yor life and lives of your closest ones. But then you realize; the changes starting from you, me, us, as individuals and if we do not start to carry the torch and pass it on to others and future generations, who else will? And this goes around and around in your mind. You raise, you fail, but your believe in a better and righteous world is never letting you down.


In these situations, events and gatherings like Ciutats Defensores dels Drets Humans conference is the rewarding moment in everybody’s work. First of all, you are amazed by the fact that somebody knows and recognize your work, and moreover, provide you with the opportunity to talk about it and to present it and above all, you are in position to meet fellow activists from all over the world and share and exchange with them your valuable experiences.

I  was personally blessed to be in generation of participants of Human Rights Defenders in 2013 with some of the most distinguished human rights activists such as Estela de Carloto, from “Madres de Plaza de Mayo” in Argentina and many many more. These moments prove that it is worth to fight for your cause. You realize that you are not alone, in almost every corner of the world there is a woman/man with similar ideals, causes and goals like you and trying to make changes. And then you know, as long as there are such people all over the world, there is a hope. A hope in better, righteous world.

Ciutats Defensores dels Drets Humans is there to give you additional strenght, inspiration, new ideas, precious exchange of the experiences, many, many new dear people that later on you can call friends and above hope that everything you do and fight for does make sense. To me, personally, this experience helped in better understanding the work and issues that my fellow activists are dealing with in their respective countries. It also assisted to the organization that I had represented than to develop partnerships with several Catalan- based NGO’s in terms of exchange projects between Bosnian and Catalan young people and also to establish contacts and cooperation between organization of “Madres de Plaza de Mayo” and organizations of Mothers of Srebrenica.


Alma Mašić,defensora participant a Ciutats Defensores dels Drets Humans 2013

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This entry was posted on 11 Juny 2018 by .
Tots els éssers humans neixen lliures i iguals en dignitat i en drets. Són dotats de raó i de consciència, i han de comportar-se fraternalment els uns amb els altres.
Tota persona té dret, individual o col·lectivament, a promoure i procurar la protecció i realització dels drets humans i les llibertats fonamentals en els plànols nacional i internacional.
Tots som iguals davant la llei i tenim dret, sense cap distinció, a igual protecció per la llei. Tots tenim dret a igual protecció contra qualsevol discriminació que violi la Declaració dels Drets Humans i contra qualsevol incitació a una tal discriminació.
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